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Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper is resistant to mechanical damage and is used for wrapping and manufacture of durable and wear-proof paper objects like corrugated cardboard, kraft sacks, packaging, envelopes etc. Kraft paper is usually of brown colour, however, it might also be bleached. We produce kraft paper weighing from 35 to 120 g/m2.

E-type Wrapping Paper

E-type wrapping paper is of beige colour (of various shades), feels rough to the touch and has slight impurities (speckles). Its grammage varies from 50 to 120 g/m2. Using technical wrapping paper as packaging one can protect and save the product being transported and stored and avoid mechanical damage and contamination. 

Wrapping paper remains the most effective, simple and eco-friendly wrapping material despite increasing number of different wrapping materials that modern technology can offer. 

Customers are mainly attracted by its exceptionally low price and a possibility to reduce environmental pollution due to the quick and easy ways this paper can be recycled. Using paper as wrapping material can also be considered as a way to save money.

Writing Paper

Writing paper is mostly of white colour but can be manufactured in any colour at the customer’s wish. It contains pure fiber and a bit of wood pulp. Its weight varies from 50 to 120 g/m2. It has all necessary characteristics of printing paper.

Offset Paper

Offset paper weighing from 50 to 120 g/m2 is used for offset printing. Offset paper contains large amounts of cellulose (wood pulp), is of white colour, glued, resistant to mechanical damage (has low hygroscopicity). It is used for printing both illustrated books and books with text.

Newsprint Paper

Newsprint paper weighs from 43 to 50 g/m2, it is not glued, contains wood pulp (as main component), and small amounts of paper ash. It is used for printing newspapers.

Newsprint and Offset Paper

Newsprint and offset paper or book paper weighs from 53 to 65 g/m2. This type of paper is characterized by the best balance between the price and the quality of printing product.

Cover Paper

Cover paper is characterized as follows: light resistant, contains pure fiber or wood pulp, small amount of paper ash. Weight of the cover paper depends on the purpose. Cover paper weighs from 70 to 120 g/m2, binding case paper weighs from 80 to 120 g/m2.

Crepe paper (coloured paper for creative work)

This type of paper has extensible surface and serves for manufacturing decorative material, sanitary and hygienic products (tissue), and isolating insertions. 

As of today, we produce a wide range of coloured crepe paper. It is crinkled paper that can be easily stretched and that has high water absorbing properties.

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