Kharkov region, Zmiyev village

Fabrichnaya street, 11, 61077

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+38(057)337-01-19 +38(050)401-93-54 +38(050)722-14-77


About Us

Our History

Zmiyev paper factory, situated in Kharkiv region, Ukraine, launched its production on December 16th, 1893.

It is an enterprise with a history of over a century and staff of around 200 people. Its employees can masterfully cope with demanding technological innovations, new products and new projects. This feature combined with comparatively low prices, high quality, perfect technical characteristics, and environmental friendliness of the product has become one of the main criteria in the company’s competitive capability.

Variability of the assortment and optimum balance between the price and the quality will give you a possibility to pick the product perfectly matching your needs.

Using recycled raw material: garbage and various types of waste including TetraPack packages, is a distinctive feature of our manufacturing technology.

We have implemented an innovational project of processing and recycling composite wastes and TetraPack packages with a monthly waste recycling capacity of around 500 ton. By collecting and recycling wastes we prevent environmental pollution and deforestation and create ECOpaper - a perfect choice for clean and reliable packaging. This reproducible raw material is environmentally friendly and problem-free at disposal.

Our factory manufactures a great variety of packaging paper, kraft paper, wrapping paper, waxing base paper etc. in many formats (from 300 mm to 2100 mm) and of various grammage (from 35 to 120 g/m2). In 2007 the company started manufacturing crepe paper used in bakery and creative designing.

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